What We Do

Bethesda Family Services Foundation was formed to heal the hearts and change the lives of troubled individuals and distressed families. In an effort to achieve our mission, we work to replicate our programs by establishing Bethesda affiliates and disseminating our treatment methods to other program providers. Our emphasis is on partnering with others and training their staff so that our methods may touch the lives of thousands, even millions. There are many excellent providers who currently administer and operate programs with the highest integrity and efficiency; some of those same programs recognize the value of a strategic systems approach that addresses both the behavioral and therapeutic needs of its clients/residents. The Bethesda two-system approach is a perfect fit for those programs which are successful at many levels but not able to sustain a cohesive team approach among all staff members.

Bethesda’s unique methodology provides a comprehensive and integrated approach which invariably identifies the source of a client’s pain and difficulties as rooted in relational conflict. Our methods require careful implementation practices which include high standards of review to ensure the philosophical integrity and adherence to the principles that have made Bethesda a multi-year national model. Our two-system approach augments the therapeutic milieu of a program, thereby accelerating real and lasting change in the lives of those involved.

Our program can transform a residential- and community-based environment so dramatically that staff will begin working as a family team rather than as “lone rangers.” This will bring a much higher level of peace, safety, and structure to that environment, allowing more effective therapy. Staff morale will increase month by month as the treatment milieu is transformed.

Program Replication

Bethesda Family Services Foundation has had much success in providing services to troubled youth and distressed families, as well as replicating our programs across the country.

Bethesda’s proven replication process is due in part to our ability to successfully package and duplicate our methodology, equipping others with our unique approach to treatment. Although we have refined a powerful program, giving that power to others would be difficult without the proper tools. Consequently, we devised a strategic replication plan which includes detailed manuals (Personnel Manual, Relational Healing Blueprint Manual and Peer Governance Blueprint Manual, Group Outlines, Life Skills Curriculum, Parenting Curriculum, and more), hands-on training from our national training team, and supplemental videotaped training sessions. In addition, all training team members as well as Bethesda’s administrative staff are available on an ongoing and as-needed basis.