Bethesda Family Services Foundation

utilizes a comprehensive array

of individual, family, and group counseling

to identify areas of unresolved anger in

hurting and troubled individuals.


Coupled with a proven system of behavioral governance, Bethesda’s Relational Healing model is successful in helping troubled youth and distressed families achieve lasting change in their lives. ¬†

Our Peer Governance and Relational Healing Systems are designed to work together to influence permanent positive change within the intellect, emotion, and will (behavior) of the client. We recognize that in order for an individual to change negative, destructive, and disruptive behavior, the relational issue must be systematically addressed.

This is accomplished by helping clients restore trust and intimacy

in broken relationships and helping them establish new ones in a positive manner.


Peer Governance stabilizes their environment and behavior through external constraints and paves the way for Relational Healing to bring internal victory through the application of the system concepts.  Once Relational Healing enables positive change to take place by internalizing values and beliefs and establishing an operational level of trust, Peer Governance, through the demonstration of positive social and relational interaction, allows for positive change to be sustained.