Meet our Team

Founder & President
Dominic Herbst, M.S., M.A.
A therapist, author, consultant, and public speaker, Dominic is a nationally renowned figure in the fields of family counseling and relational healing. Based on his desire to bring victory and restoration to individuals and their families, he developed a healing model and has authored several publications for group and personal use. Dominic has counseled individuals and families in crisis for over 25 years and is called upon for consults with people throughout the United States.

Executive Director
Joseph Herbst, M.A.

Since 2001, Joseph has served in the fields of youth and family intervention including alternative education, residential treatment, and adult corrections. He is passionate about engaging the community in the area of family relationships and restoration.  Joseph received his Master’s Degree from Liberty University and is an expert in both the Peer Governance and Relational Healing Models as a certified trainer. He assists in broadcasting live interactive webcasts nationwide in our Restoring Relationships Model. Joseph conducts weekly counseling sessions at the national office and travels with the President to provide large group Restoring Relationship encounters with churches and ministries throughout the country. He oversees our Residential Treatment Center, prison programs and counseling center.


Ginalyn Bavero, M.A., LPC

Ginalyn joined Bethesda Family Services Foundation as a counselor in April 2011. She received a Masters Degree in professional counseling from Liberty University, and became licensed as a professional counselor in 2014. Ginalyn has experience with a variety of clientele including children, adolescents and adults. She is certified as a clinical trauma professional and specializes in trauma and relational therapy. Ginalyn served for 10 years in the Army Reserve and reached the rank as Sergeant. She was the suicide prevention coordinator and assisted with soldier mental health and self care. Before Ginalyn joined us, she worked as a psychological services associate at North Central Secure Treatment Unit in Danville, PA. She worked with troubled females who were incarcerated in the only secure girl’s rehabilitation program in the state. Ginalyn currently works at Susquehanna University as a counselor in the counseling center. Altogether, Ginalyn brings with her a wide range of experience she has received throughout her career.